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Galvanising Guidelines and FAQS

  • Use good quality materials. The quality of the materials you use play a key role in the quality of the galvanized goods.
  • Avoid high reactive steels and weld material. These have elevated levels of phosphorous or silicon.
  • Avoid pipe that has lacquer or varnish finishes from the manufacturer these will require shot blasting.
  • Remove all welding flux prior to delivery to our facility. These residues will result in bare spots.
  • Avoid mixing old rusty material with new; this may result in over-pickling and pitting of the new material.
  • Fully shot blast all cast or malleable iron and painted steelwork.
  • Drill adequate drainage and ventilation holes (12 mm) to allow free flow of air and zinc.
  • Be cautious of tight moving assemblies such as hinges or sliding assemblies. These may freeze together during processing.